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A word about the author

Throughout my many years of stamp collecting, dating back to 1969, I have yet to meet with another amazing individual and collector as the author of these series of catalogs Artashes Taroumian. I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Artashes in New York City in the mid-1990s. However, much before our first meeting, his name was well known and respected within the Philatelic Community around the world. It's virtually impossible to start conversing and discussing various philatelic topics with Artashes and not possess a desire to talk and interact with him again. Needless to say, we became extremely close friends and associates.

I guess one of the most distinguished characteristics of Artashes is his unparalleled dedication and passion for the Armenian Philately. For more than 45 years he has been collecting and studying the philatelic treasures related to his nation. His enthusiasm is demonstrated by numerous trips to different countries to see, record and acknowledge as many private and public collections as possible, enhancing his knowledge base and enriching the information depository. Artashes is not only a passionate collector, he is also a dedicated philatelist known to share his exceptional knowledge and demonstrate his collection in national and international exhibitions. Winner of many Gold and Grand-Prix medals, he is always focused and concentrated on this wonderful hobby, and also on pursuing ways to enhance his collection and philatelic knowledge.

The outcome of this devoted four-decade-long journey is the series of these catalogs, with plenty of information and illustrations to satisfy all the readers and collectors. As mentioned earlier, it's an honor for me to be associated with this phenomenal individual and to be the Editor of this series of catalogs.

Khachik Timourian
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